Liu Fang of Beijing People is Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. was elected as the Daxing Model·The Most Beautiful Technologist in 2019


The "Derun Daxing · meet an example" 2019 Daxing model award ceremony hosted by Daxing District publicity department and Daxing District civilization was held in Daxing District theater on November 1. Liu Fang of Beijing People's Electric Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. was elected as "Daxing model · most beautiful scientific and technological worker" in 2019.
Daxing District's tree selection model mainly follows three principles: first, it pays attention to the selection of tree models from the grass-roots level, second, it pays attention to the representativeness of the model, and third, it pays attention to the selection of tree models around the center


Award ceremony

Liu Fang, a fruitful female engineer, is a senior engineer of Beijing People's Electrical Factory Co., Ltd. After graduating from Ph.D. in March 2008, he entered Beijing People's Electric Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. and engaged in R & D management and reliability of low-voltage circuit breakers. He was responsible for product R & D strategy formulation, R & D process management, product quality and reliability assurance, standardization, project application, intellectual property management, etc. and as the main person in charge, he undertook the whole life of the group's products The construction task of PLM successfully completed a series of work, such as system selection, construction, customized development, operation management, etc., which made outstanding contributions to the group's intelligent manufacturing transformation. Liu Fang has solid theoretical foundation, meticulous systematic thinking and rigorous working attitude, and has created many achievements. The gm5b-32 molded case DC circuit breaker researched and developed has won the first prize of Daxing District Science Progress Award, 7 authorized invention patents, 12 utility model patents, 8 papers and the 22nd Beijing outstanding young engineer title


Certificate of honor

Beijing People's Electric Appliance Factory Co., Ltd., as an enterprise of industrial electric appliance protection expert "providing comprehensive intelligent industrial electric protection solution", adheres to the value orientation of "exceeding customer value demand", develops high and new technology with independent intellectual property rights, and independently innovates the transformation and application of proprietary technology. Continue to give full play to the advantages of "leading in comprehensive application technology", lead the innovation direction of photovoltaic technology and conduct strong exploration in the field of "photovoltaic + intelligent energy", so as to lay the foundation for further opening the international market. The enterprise has always put the innovation concept throughout all aspects of technology and service, and meticulously built every product and solution. By promoting industrial automation, digital and intelligent, improving industrial efficiency and competitiveness, we can inject new impetus into economic development, and inject new vitality into the industrial chain, value chain and development mode of the whole manufacturing industry.

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