Liu Fang and Shan Baowei of Beijing People is Electric Factory Co., Ltd. are called outstanding young talents in Daxing District

In order to further implement the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee's Action Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of Talents in the Capital in the New Era (2018-2022), further create an environment conducive to talent gathering, growth and display, construct a scientific and rational talent echelon structure, and create a "reservoir" for high-level talents, a piece on Further Strengthening the construction of young talent team was issued according to the District Committee. The Measures for Supporting the Training of Excellent Youth Talents in Daxing District (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") stipulates that, with the approval of the principal leaders of the District Committee, 200 people, such as Liu Fang and Shan Bao, are now recognized as outstanding young talents in Daxing District.

Liu Fang has been in Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. since her graduation in March 2008. She has been engaged in the research and development management and reliability of low voltage circuit breakers. She is responsible for product development strategy formulation, R&D process management, product quality and reliability assurance, standardization, project declaration, intellectual property management and other work. As the principal person in charge, she has assumed the product integrity of the group. The construction task of life cycle management system PLM has successfully completed a series of work, such as system selection, construction, customization development, operation management and so on. It has made outstanding contributions to the transformation of the group's intelligent manufacturing. Comrade Liu Fang has solid theoretical foundation, careful systematic thinking and rigorous working attitude, and has created many achievements. The GM5B-32 plastic-shell DC circuit breaker has won the first prize of Daxing District Science Progress Award, 7 authorized invention patents, 12 utility model patents, 8 published papers, and won the title of the 22nd Beijing Excellent Young Engineer.

Danwei conducts R&D and engineering of frame circuit breaker in Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. under the leadership of chief engineer, it carries out R&D strategy formulation, R&D process management, product quality, standardization, product certification, technical design knowledge base construction, etc. As the head of the department, the leading GW8 series products have registered 15 invention patents and many utility model patents, and 11 invention patents, covering all aspects of circuit breakers, such as secondary wiring, moving contacts, static contacts, in-and-out wiring, transformers, power supply, drawers, controllers, actuators, voltage isolation and so on. From 2015 to now, our company has applied for and adopted the national promotion of the implementation plan of the Made-in-China Intelligent Manufacturing Special Project 2025, which focuses on the intelligent production and manufacturing of framework products. During this period, we are mainly responsible for the testing of various workstations in the framework products, the compilation of assembly requirements, the formulation of product testing process roadmap, testing items and standard parameters, etc., and at the same time cooperate with each other. Help to confirm the design of automation equipment scheme, provide strong technical support and technical assistance for automation development, and achieve the overall goal of 20% improvement of production efficiency, 10% reduction of product defect rate, 20% reduction of product development cycle and 20% reduction of cost proposed by the company.
Excellent talents are the basis of realizing the strategic objectives of enterprises and the motive force of sustainable development of enterprises. Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. is proud of having professional and technical personnel, is the brilliance of the enterprise, I believe that Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd. will be a higher level.


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